Thursday, March 30, 2006

How To Energize Your Marketing by Redefining Your Purpose

I came across a simple article I would like to share with you guys that involves a simple idea that I think will help most of us. With all the sickness’, disease, non-profit organizations and the recent natural disasters that we have lived through and heard about give us an opportunity to help those in need by helping ourselves and our businesses. This simple article presents a very primitive idea that will motivate your prospects.

This is a concept that I myself am definitely going to look into, for my marketing as well. And if anyone of you has a chance to do it before I do, we would most definitely like to hear from you as I am sure it will motivate more people to try it.

Let me know what you all think.

How To Energize Your Marketing by Redefining Your Purpose
Copyright 2004, Dr. Mani Sivasubramanian

I was at a fundraising workshop.

The instructor held up a chocolate and asked: "Who wants to buy
this for $1?"

No one stirred. She went on: "All the money will go to Oxfam,
and will be used to sponsor our child-support activities."

One of the audience stood up, then another, and another... until
almost everyone bought a 5-cent piece of candy for one dollar

"When I first started this work, I felt ashamed to ask," she
continued. "Until I learned a valuable lesson. I'm not asking
for myself. I'm asking for a cause, a mission, a purpose. It
helped make a difference. Now I confidently ask for a donation
- because I believe in what I'm doing."

I sat up straighter in my seat.

The next speaker was an accountant.

"I know everyone of you probably hates doing the figures and
accounts for your non-profit organization," he began. Heads
nodded in agreement.

"I also used to - until I started looking at them as more than
just rows and columns of numbers. Behind each of them, I now see
the faces of the people I help. And that makes it different."

It sure does.

No longer will I grumble and groan as I tally up my daily
worksheet. Behind the numbers, I will see the smiling faces
of children whose heart birth defects were cured by support
from our Foundation ( ).

Small changes in perspective can make a HUGE difference in
attitude. By taking a few minutes or hours to rethink our
business, we could explosively increase the impact of our

When you begin to get convinced about the benefits your business
renders to its clients, you start talking about it more
passionately. You start writing, acting, and even thinking
about it with more enthusiasm and energy.

And this energy conveys itself to your prospects and clients in
different ways. It trickles down to your staff and co-workers.
It infects the folks you do business with. It even percolates
to the general public who may not otherwise hear about you and
your business.

So take the time today to redefine your purpose. Then watch your
marketing soar to new heights.

(c) 2004 by Dr.Mani Sivasubramanian.

Dr. Mani Sivasubramanian is a heart surgeon and entrepreneur who combines his passion to help kids receive lifesaving treatment with outstanding marketing savvy, which got him named as one of Seth Godin's 99 Purple Cows". The result, predictably, is explosive. See his Heart Kids Blog Marathon here: